MONROE COUNTY, TN (972 acres) - The property is within approximately 1,500 feet of the boundary for the Cherokee National Forest.  Approximately two-thirds of the slopes and ridges on the Property, many of which are forested, can be seen from Cherokee National Forest.  The tract is also close to the Tellico Lake Wildlife Management Area, which includes over 8,700 acres, as well as The Nature Conservancy’s  designated’ Forest Block’ of Joyce Kilmer/Unicoi Mountains/Slick Rock. These blocks represent large, contiguous un-fragmented forests in the southeastern region.  The Property includes vast views to the surrounding Cane Creek and Ballplay Creek Valleys, Tellico River, the Blue Ridge Mountains and Cherokee National Forest.  The central portion of the Property contains a large portion of Harlan Mountain, which includes Peaky Top, the highest point on the Property and one with spectacular views into the Cane Creek Valley to the south. The Cherohala Skyway, a National Scenic Byway that affords access from Tellico Plains, TN to Robbinsville, NC, lies only 10 miles away.