April 22, 2021 Habitat & Wildlife, Land Management Practices

We know you do your best every day, so here’s a little inspiration to keep on doing good things for your piece of Ma Earth and beyond, and above all, take time to bask in the glow of your efforts!

The 2021 Earth Day theme is Restore Our Earth


Rule #1:  Don’t screw it up to begin with!  Think about your choices when it comes to land use. FLC has been dealing with a situation involving a bulldozer and a pristine stream.  It’s so ugly and unnecessary.  If you choose to alter your landscape, protect all you can then include ways to put it back better than before. Consider avoiding the bulldozer approach.

Rule #2: Ma Nature knows best. When it comes to restoration, given the chance, and time (though often lifetimes), Ma Nature will heal our scars.  A recent hike up the Bullhead Trail in GSMNP is an inspiring testament to that. The devastating fires 4.5 years ago left ugly scars in many ways. Have a look at her progress in healing. She gets a High 5!  Park Service personnel continue to be proactive in locating and eradicating invasive plant species such as princess tree and coltsfoot, which are blown onto the bare ground from outside the Park, threatening the native forest. So keep in mind, what we all do on our personal property does affect everyone else.

Rule #3: Keep working with Ma Nature and enjoy your handiwork. Your little efforts add up. Here are a few habitat enhancements from our gardens that we and the wildlings are enjoying now. A little sweat over time and we are all continuing to reap the benefits.