FLC recently partnered with landowners to preserve their 71 acre property in Knox County, TN!

December 21, 2022 Conservation Easements, FLC Partners, FLC Projects, Habitat & Wildlife, Land Acquisition & Preservation

Images clockwise from top left)  Aerial view from northwest corner of the property; Allegheny chinkapin (Castanea pumila); FLC’s Exec. Dir. Bill Clabough, pictured left, with landowners Shirley & Kelmer Reynolds; Blue woodland lettuce (Lactuca floridana); Small pond; Gray ratsnake (Pantherophis spiloides)
This diverse 71.56-acre property is situated within Knox County’s Bull Run Creek valley, which has been the focus of extensive conservation work by Foothills. Over 675 acres have already protected by FLC conservation easements in the valley and a total of 750+ acres protected by Foothills within 10 miles.

Preserving this tract serves as a buffer to the other preserved lands that provide unique ecosystems and assist in the protection of the area’s rural character, which is under development pressure from urban sprawl. This tranquil property includes open space, forest, and pastures, offering scenic views to a public roadway and surrounding countryside.

The Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture (AMJV) partnership has identified 70 Priority Bird Species for the Appalachian Mountains Bird Conservation Region, the majority of which are land birds. These species either breed or winter in the Appalachian region.  Of these 70 priority species, four were observed on the property: Field Sparrow (High Priority), Eastern Wood-pewee, Eastern Towhee, and Summer Tanager (Moderate Priority). The Field Sparrow and is also considered to be Common Birds in Steep Decline.