Seed Collecting at Harris Farm Pollinator Patches

September 30, 2022 FLC Pollinator Patches, FLC Projects, Habitat & Wildlife, Harris Farm, Land Management Practices

Echinacea – Purple Coneflower

Our pollinator patches are a gift that keeps on giving! Now that most of the blooms have come and gone, it’s time to get out and collect seeds.

Most of the species we have planted are excellent self-seeders and return in force every year, but we have other areas we want to expand native plants into, and plenty of free seed to do it with! Here are some photos showing the seedheads of a few of our favorite species.

Most native plant seeds have built-in dormancy that requires stratification (exposure to cold temps) before germination, so we will either sow them out now to let them stratify naturally, or keep them in the fridge (not freezer!) until we are ready to plant them.

Resource (North American Native Plant Society):