UPDATE! FLC’s Pollinator Patch Project with Strata-G Volunteers (4/29/2022)

May 4, 2022 About Foothills - Board & Staff, FLC Pollinator Patches, FLC Projects, Habitat & Wildlife, Harris Farm, Land Management Practices

Last Friday was nice and cool with partly cloudy skies! That gave FLC staff and Strata-G volunteers the wind in our sails to work out in the pollinator patches and other native landscaping beds at the Harris Farm (FLC’s office headquarters in Rockford, TN).

There was plenty of mulching and weeding to be done. And, the great news is that the volunteers once again helped staff start up a few small pollinator meadows adjacent to the ones prepared by the group back in late September 2021. Everyone got to experience working in a variety of pollinator patches, all in various stages of development.

This event was also a good opportunity for Strata-G volunteers to learn from our biologists about other land stewardship practices on the farm as well as highlighting additional aspects of FLC’s conservation programs and projects. Thank you Strata-G!

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