Summer Update – Pollinator Patches at the Harris Farm

July 5, 2022 FLC Pollinator Patches, FLC Projects, Habitat & Wildlife, Harris Farm, Land Management Practices


In honor of #PollinatorWeek and @pollinatorpartnership (June 20-26) FLC staff wanted to update you on the pollinator patches at the Harris Farm.

Black-eyed Susan, partridge pea and false sunflower abound! The meadows are coming to life and attracting a variety of pollinators. The cover crops that were the dominant species initially, are dying off as the temperatures rise.  These annual grasses have shaded out weedy competitors that we were looking to prevent from reestablishing in the beds and, as you can see, are allowing our natives pollinator species to flourish! Click here for a list of bird and butterfly species observed by FLC’s biologists at the Harris Farm.

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